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Unlock the extraordinary power of motivation with acclaimed Life & Business Strategist Baz Porter shines, a captivating presence in inspirational speaking. Known for his command over language and unique ability to connect with audiences, Baz's speeches are more than just words. They're the spark that ignites a lasting transformation.




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Baz Porter's 'Rise From the Ashes' - The Ultimate Guide to Turning Trauma into Triumph. Embrace a journey of personal discovery as Baz unveils the art of transforming stress and trauma into stepping stones toward success. This book isn't just about overcoming obstacles, flourishing amidst them, and shaping a better world. In a changing paradigm, you don't just become a part of the change; you become the change. 'Rise From the Ashes' is more than a book; it's a beacon of hope for those ready to rise above their past and help others do the same. Pre-order now and embark on a journey towards a more successful, abundant, and fulfilling life."

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"As an experienced speaker, I appreciate when someone delivers with passion, authenticity, and wisdom. Baz Porter is such a speaker. His innovative thinking and transformative insights inspire change. I fully endorse Baz for any event seeking a powerful impact."

- David Corbin


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