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R.A.M.S Coaching System™

By Denver's Top Life & Business Strategist Baz Porter 

Feel Stuck and Overwhelmed? 

Rediscover Your Passion and Purpose

As an ambitious leader, you want to grow your skills, achieve big goals, and make a real impact. But lately, you've felt burnt out, unfulfilled, and worried you'll never reach your full potential.

You know there's more out there you just need the right guide to show you the path forward.

That's where acclaimed executive coach and strategic advisor Baz Porter comes in...

R.A.M.S. Coaching System™ is a holistic 4-part framework developed by Denver's Life & Business Strategist, Baz Porter®  to accelerate growth for CEO's, leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • Set ambitious vision and goals
  • Maintain focused discipline
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Measure progress
  • Celebrate wins



  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs
  • Cultivate growth mindset
  • Maintain resilience
  • Turn challenges into opportunities
  • Remain open to feedback


  • Assess capabilities
  • Build skills
  • Seek mentors
  • Commit to daily practice
  • Become a lifelong learner


  • Analyze processes
  • Leverage technology
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Instill consistent workflows
  • Scale by codifying systems

Are You Struggling With Balance, Confidence and Progress?

For over a decade, Devners To Life & Business Strategist Baz Porter has helped driven professionals just like you:

  • Rediscover your passion and sense of purpose
  • Transform limiting mindsets into empowering ones
  • Achieve clarity on your vision and goals
  • Master new capabilities to maximize your success
  • Implement efficient systems for sustainable growth
  • Plus so much more...

Baz's holistic R.A.M.S Coaching System™ addresses the inner and outer sources of burnout and underperformance holding you back.

So you can thrive in all areas of life - business, relationships, and beyond.


Prasie from Joe Sabtino

Joe Sabatino

"Actor Rocky -NCIS"

"Baz Has Exceptional Business Acumen and Insights"

"Beyond his extraordinary speaking skills, Baz has consistently demonstrated his exceptional business acumen and consulting abilities. His insights into organizational dynamics, strategic planning, and operational efficiency have proven invaluable to countless businesses."

Dr Scott Tennant Prasie for Business and Life Strategist Baz Porter

Scott Tennant

CEO, Senergy Medical Group

"Baz is a straight shooter with great advice from years of experience and successes. He has a calming, sincere yet confident approach to business and life." 

Meet Baz Porter, Your Guide to Transformation

My name is Baz Porter, and I am a High Performance Coach. I am fueled by my passion for leading and creating lasting change in the lives of CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs. Through my service, R.A.M.S High-Performance Coaching, I help individuals who may have outward success but are struggling with inner turmoil. By addressing trauma, transforming mindsets, and guiding my clients through a journey of self-discovery, I provide relief from burnout, depression, and exhaustion. My ultimate goal is to impact others and live a life filled with love, passion, and a meaningful legacy for my family and those I serve.

A Personal Message From Baz

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