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Hi, I'm Baz Denver's Top Life & Business Strategist

I help CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs who are frustrated by inner turmoil but have outward success.

I partner with you by using a coaching formula called R.A.M.S. High-performance Coaching System™ proven techniques to help you transform your life & business, and mindset. Write a fulfilling new story.

Lead with Purpose | Inspire with Legacy

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Are past wounds holding you back from fulfillment?


Do any of these struggles resonate with you?

  • Childhood trauma and unresolved emotional wounds
  • Isolating yourself and inability to trust others
  • Overworking as an unhealthy coping mechanism
  • Relying on materialism to find comfort
  • Engaging in affairs as an escape
  • Past therapy and mentors have been unproductive
  • Leaning heavily on digital content for information
  • Desiring to find purpose and leave a legacy
  • Feeling entangled in past pain and fear of judgment from others

The time for unlimited growth is NOW with one of Denver's Top Life and business Strategists with RAMS by Baz Porter.

Break Free from The Chains With Denver's Top Life & Business Strategist

As an executive life & business strategist, I provide personalized coaching to help leaders like you

  • Find relief from burnout, depression, and exhaustion by creating a work-life balance
  • Heal strained relationships and build trust by becoming vulnerable
  • Live intentionally, not chasing short-term pleasure or materialism
  • Transform your lifestyle to gain genuine fulfillment beyond status
  • Rediscover your passion to leave a meaningful legacy
  • Gain the tools to flourish mentally, emotionally, and physically

With over 25 years of experience, I've helped leaders worldwide find inner peace while reaching new professional heights. If you're ready to overcome barriers and create a life of purpose, fulfillment, and balance, I can guide you on the your journey.


  From Denver's Top Life & Business Strategist Baz Porter

Leadership with denvers Top Life & Busines strategist Baz Porter


High-Performance Coaching System™ With Denver's Top Life & Business Strategist

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Leadership Challenges | Beyond Hurdles, They're Puzzles to Conquer With Denver's Top Life & Business Strategist


Even the most formidable leaders find themselves entangled in challenges unique to their journey. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy that caters to every nuance and intricacy you face. You've likely navigated myriad routes, only to find yourself at a crossroads, wondering, "Is there a roadmap crafted exclusively for my journey?

You're not just a leader. You're an individual who's fought battles, faced challenges, and risen time and again. You have the innate right to guidance that resonates with YOUR journey, YOUR pain, and YOUR aspirations. You deserve coaching that offers more than just steps but provides a map designed with YOU at its center.

I get it. It's not about breaking chains; it's about understanding, respecting, and crafting a way around them. With over 25 years in business and leadership coaching, I’ve committed to guiding professionals through the maze of trauma, mindset, and purpose. My mission with R.A.M.S and 8888 Coaching is to illuminate your path so you find your footing and leave a legacy that future generations can stand on.

The Transformational Journey Awaits

With Denver's Top Life & Business Strategist

  1. Connect: Schedule a call. It's not just a conversation; it's the beginning of understanding, not another sale pitch!
  2. Strategize: Together, we’ll dive deep. I listen truly and deeply. From there, we craft an action plan tailored to your unique journey.
  3. Evolve: This isn’t a short-term fix. This is a journey; we walk it together every step, ensuring you rediscover the passion and potential within.


Lead with Purpose | Inspire with Legacy


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The 5 Mindset Shifts

With these insights, you can stop silently struggling alone and instead experience breakthroughs through my proven methodology tailored specifically to your needs.



Denver's Guide to Modern Leadership Excellence | Baz Porter®

Sep 15, 2023

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